Business Hosted
Voice Services

Our Hosted Voice Service is a powerful solution for businesses of any size. Hosted Business Voice Service eliminates expensive on-premise equipment, provides business-friendly phones and delivers enterprise-class functionality. PSC Fiber Voice over IP (VoIP) extends well beyond traditional phone services, VoIP provides unlimited local and long-distance at no additional charge. Along with web portal management, mobile app, and web/video conferencing, all backed up by PSC Fiber’s locally based support team.

PSC Business Services - Business Colleagues

What can you do with PSC Fiber Hosted Voice Service?

You can do virtually anything.

Benefits of our Hosted Voice Service

Everything you need to get work done and connect with your customers faster, easier, and in one simple platform.


Support your customers and sell more on the go with a truly mobile business office phone that you can access from anywhere.


Allocate your resources effectively and save your organization money by having a tailored suite designed to meet your specific needs.


Keep your same phone number(s).


Easily manage your users across locations through a single, intuitive management portal.


Best value with an all-inclusive, low fixed monthly rate.