PSC Fiber Email Phishing Alert

What Happened:

Our cybersecurity team has detected a series of fraudulent emails that appear to come from PSC Fiber but are actually from malicious actors. These emails aim to deceive recipients into clicking links or downloading files that capture your personal information, such as passwords or financial details.

Please see email example below:

PSC Fiber Email Phishing Alert

What You Need to Do:

  1. Do Not Open Suspicious Emails: If you receive an email that looks suspicious, do not open it. Be particularly wary of emails that:
    • Ask for personal or financial information.
    • Have an urgent or threatening tone.
    • Contain unfamiliar links or attachments.
  2. Verify the Sender: Always check the sender’s email address carefully. Phishing emails often come from addresses that look similar to legitimate ones but contain slight misspellings or extra characters.
  3. Do Not Click on Links or Attachments: If you receive an email with links or attachments that you weren’t expecting, do not click on them. Hover over links to see the actual URL before clicking.
  4. Report Suspicious Emails: Email or call PSC Fiber (1.800.511.4899) if you’re unsure about a particular email.
  5. Update Your Passwords: If you have clicked on any links or provided information in response to a suspicious email, change your passwords immediately and call our IT support team at 1.800.511.4899.

How We Are Protecting You:

Our team is actively monitoring and working to block any further phishing attempts. We have implemented advanced security measures to safeguard your information and are continuously updating our protocols.