Can't Decide Where to Go with Streaming?


If you haven’t jumped on the streaming bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for? Streaming services offer many advantages compared to traditional TV plans like satellite or cable. Here are five of the top ones:

  1. Cost Savings – Subscribing to streaming services usually ends up costing much less than paying for satellite or cable TV. Plus, some of them offer a free trial so you can test out the service to see if it meets your needs. Even if you subscribe to several streaming services, you’ll still save money.
  2. Bigger Variety of Content – Streaming services maintain huge libraries of TV shows and movies that you can enjoy whenever you want. You don’t have to follow any routine or worry about missing a show if you happen to miss its broadcast. You can binge-watch shows, pick any movie of your choice, or spend an entire weekend watching documentaries if you want. You are in complete control. 
  1. Lack of Weather Issues – If you now have satellite TV and struggle with spotty service during high winds or heavy rains, you’ll appreciate the fact that streaming services won’t have those issues. 
  1. More Original Content – Many streaming services pride themselves on their award-winning original content that’s not available with any other streaming service or on network TV.
  2. Less Mindless TV Viewing – Instead of turning on the TV to watch whatever is on or engage in aimless channel surfing, users of streaming service tend to turn it on to intentionally watch a specific show or movie. This can lead to less time being a couch potato and more time being active in your community.

An essential companion to streaming services is a fast and reliable Internet connection. PSC Fiber offers Internet plans with download speeds up to 1 Gig.
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